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KTime Quote:  Everything that we see is shadow cast by that which we do not see. – Martin Luther King Jr.

KTime Comfort:  As part of my yearly plan to create comfort I have set aside time on Thursdays for hand crafts.  I will let way too much time pass on my projects otherwise.  I love having handmade items ready for gifts but if I wait until the occasion is on top of me it is too late.  So part of my creating comfort is to start a gift space that has handmade items ready to go.  Either items that I have made or that another person has made.  But a drawer with beautiful papers, soaps, knitted items, and other handmade items of whimsy that reminds me of someone sounds like a wonderful comfort spot when gift giving occasions come around.  A friend announces a pregnancy – one baby blanket is ready to go.  Someone moves – new stationary so they can announce the change of address.  Plus the usual holidays of birthdays and Christmas.  So start now and if you can make things yourself start stocking your gift space.  If you have more thumbs than not then check out local craft fairs, etsy and out of the way shops.  I would much rather spend an hour looking at beautiful handmade objects than watch another TV rerun.