Have you slipped on your resolutions for the year?  Just pick yourself up and start again.  It is okay to slip and fall.  We just need to keep on trying.  My resolution or phrase for the year is to create comfort.  It is hard to do when dealing with an illness.  So today I am clearing my slate to take care of me.  Time to stay home, rest, read if I can, watch a little TV and give myself head to toe pampering.  Wash my hair, do my nails and toes, and pay extra attention to skin care.  And I don’t have to do it all at once.  Not today anyway.  The job, the other family members, and my chore list are all going to have to do without me today.  I no longer have small children to take care of so the world won’t mind if I step off and rest today.  I will create comfort by taking good care of myself.