Why brace yourself for the worst when you embrace the best?

My housekeeping focus today is my bedroom.  Time to put stuff away, make the bed up all nice and perhaps even lay out my at home wear.  We have to pamper ourselves and one way I do that is by making sure my bedroom is ready and waiting.  A pitcher of cool water, something light and interesting to read and no piles of stuff lying about makes for a much more pleasant night’s sleep.

Since it is Friday I am going to treat myself to something wonderful to drink.  If tonight isn’t the right time for you to indulge then perhaps some sparkling water with fresh fruit it in?  Or perhaps you prefer a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge? 



Tonight is movie night and I have my Netflix cue all ready to go.  Come on over and bring the popcorn.  I’ll make room on the sofa for you.