Never underestimate the power of a smile.  Especially yours!

Today’s house keeping focus:  Bathrooms.  Today it is time to clean all the fixtures, sweep and mop the floor and disinfect the trash can.  Now I also use my bathroom as a special place to relax and recharge my batteries so I like to keep my bath pampering items near by.  If I am not careful they can clutter up a bathroom so I have a designated spot for my “spa” goodies  When I am having a bad work day it sure helps to know that a hot bath, a cold drink and something comfy to wear are waiting for me at home.

It is going to be warm where I am today so this tomato filled with guacamole and salsa looked good to me.  Maybe add a glass of wine or sweet tea?

When today’s work is done I am going to spend some time looking up new salad recipes for the warm months ahead.  Come sit beside and we can decide together what looks good.