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Today’s Quote:  Something wonderful will happen today.

Today’s Focus:  Today it is time to clean out the car and the purse.  It is embarrassing when our cars are full of junk and we need to give someone a ride in a hurry.  Not to mention how much better we will feel in a clean and tidy car.  So get the trash out, fill it up so you are ready for the week ahead and run it through a car wash.  How nice it will be to get into that clean car with a full tank on Monday morning.  Then clean out your purse, backpack, and whatever other tote bag you carry around on a regular basis.  Let’s get the weight of the world off our shoulders.

KTime:  Today let us spend a few minutes to start filling in those spring and early summer dates.  Any March birthdays in your circle?  How about spring break fun?  Easter comes early this year.  Don’t forget about any of those save the date notices you may have received for June weddings.  Do you have your vacation time scheduled at work?  Let’s start looking ahead so dates don’t surprise us!  Get a nice drink and sit down with your calendar and start planning spring fun!

Today’s Yummy:  Birthday Cake  It is Dr. Suess’s birthday today.  So bake up a yummy cake and invite some folks over for some silliness.