Today’s Quote:  In a gentle way you can shake the world. – Mohandas Gandhi

Today’s Focus:  Today take time to look under your bed.  Time for a good cleaning.  This is not a shove what doesn’t fit in your closet space.  The solution to not enough storage is less stuff not more storage units.  Do we really need 5 pairs of navy slacks?

Today’s Food:  How about something pretty and delicate to be enjoyed as an after work treat?

Source: via Norma on Pinterest


KTime:  Let us take time to plan how we are going to celebrate Valentine’s this year.  No sweetie in the picture?  Then how about planning on fixing yourself exactly what you want for dinner.  Add a few chocolates, some pretty flowers and have a funny DVD all ready to go.  Enjoy your special evening and put the flowers next to your bed to remind yourself in the morning that love comes in many forms.

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