Today’s Quote:  Leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides.  It must bring sides together.  – Jesse Jackson

Today’s Focus:  Pamper List.  Today it is time to inventory your pamper items.  Everybody should be able to have a little pamper spot.  For me it is having a scented bath, something yummy to nibble, a special set of comfy clothes (not old sweat pants), and a book to read.  I don’t need my special Pamper items every day but when a day becomes rough around the edges it is nice to know that I have these things waiting for me.  What is on your Pamper List?  Do you need to order or buy anything to make your pamper time ready at a moment’s notice?  Even on a budget I can set aside a small bath treat, a comfy robe, a bite of chocolate and a free Kindle download.

Today’s Food:  Taco Salad


KTime:  I think a margarita would go well with a Taco Salad.  So my sip tonight will be a margarita.  I will enjoy it while watching a video.