Today is full of promise and fresh starts.  This year I am not making a big goal and plan.  Instead I have 10 little habits I want to incorporate into every day.

1.  Get a dressed a little nicer than I need to every day.

2.  Eat at home or pack a meal to take with me.

3.  Work on a  craft project every day even if it is only for a few minutes.

4.  Connect with someone I don’t live with every day.

5.  A few minutes of gentle exercise like a walk at lunch time

6.  Enjoy the evening time with tea and a book or friends.

7.  A few minutes making my home tidy every day.

8.  Pay my bills and do other paperwork the day I get it.

9.  Put on actual pjs and use my nice lotions at bedtime.

10.  Pause and give thanks for the good things that came my way.

Source: via Stacy on Pinterest