Today’s Quote:  Americans are a free people, who know that freedom is the right of every person and future of every nation.  The liberty we prize is not America’s gift to the world it is God’s gift to humanity.  – George W. Bush

Today’s Focus:  Today we are going to freshen up the area where our holiday company will sleep.  Are the linens clean and fresh?  Is there a pretty basket of toiletries?  Can they get to the restroom without falling over stuff?  Do you have enough blankets and pillows?  Is there a place for them to charge the phone?  How about a basket of your special treats?  Can’t you just see your tired guests snuggling in and having a bite of your favorite Christmas treats before they nod off.  Are you prepared to feed them breakfast in the morning?

KTime:  I think I will be fixing a potato bar tonight.  With chili, cheese, onions, sour cream, bacon and salsa as optional toppings.  With perhaps some cornbread on the side.  Then I will settle down to my knitting and a cup of tea.

Source: ofeelys.com via Fabienne on Pinterest

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