Today’s Focus:  Coat Closet.  If you are lucky enough to have a coat closet is there room in there to hang up company’s coats or is it jammed full of stuff?  If you need to spend some time this week or schedule it in your calendar to make room for company’s coats.  If you don’t have a coat closet then perhaps a  hook or two or maybe an old fashioned coat rack if you have the floor space.  During the good weather months a pretty sun hat and a pool tote bag all ready to go would look nice.  Then when the weather turns later in the year you can hang up your guests coats and umbrellas.  There is something very gracious about taking care of your company and not just tossing their wet cold stuff on a chair.

KTime:  After a hard day I am looking forward to curling up in this cozy corner with a cup of tea.