Today’s Quote:  Leadership cannot just go along to get along.  Leadership must meet the moral challenge of the day.  Jesse Jackson

Today’s Focus:  Patio/Outside furniture.  Time to check on the outside furniture.  Does anything need cleaning or a touching up?  Even if you don’t have a deck and and traditional patio furniture do you have a folding camp chair?  Is it in good shape or does it it need to replaced or rinsed off?  Do you have a good take with you water bottle?  How about your picnic blanket?  Even a very modest household needs a folding chair, water bottles and an old blanket to make attending outside events more comfortable.  Or perhaps just to curl up outside your own door with a good book.

KTime:  I am thinking of something red, white and blue like this berry trifle. It would be a nice dish to make on a small scale or make a big one to share at a potluck or to take to the office.