Quote:  Not all who wander are lost.

Sometimes we are forced from our homes either by duty or by circumstances beyond our control.  Sometimes we are starting over in times and places not of our choosing.  It is the response to the change that is important.  Are we going to create a new nest for ourselves and those we invite in or dwell on all that was lost?  Even if we don’t know who is following us somebody is watching and seeing how we do.  Let us be an example to those that follow that even when we are knocked down we don’t stay there.  Let us work on creating a small but beautiful nest filled with items of our choice, good food, and entertainment that we enjoy.

Let us plan our meals, shop and cook even if just for ourselves.  None of this I’m not cooking for just me.  Cook small and if that is too much then you also have lunch for the next day, a meal to freeze for a crazy day or to give away.  So let us go look for some yummy options for this week.



Source: realsimple.com via Cindy on Pinterest