Today’s Quote:  Happy Mother’s Day!

Today’s Focus: General Pick up and Put Away. Today we are to spend a few minutes picking up and putting away stray items from the shared rooms. It is amazing the difference it makes when the mail isn’t overtaking the coffee table, when the movies are put away, and there is a place to sit down. If your public areas are disappearing under the piles it is hard to invite people over and that leads to isolation.  So let’s make our nests comfortable for ourselves and to share with those we choose.

KTime today:  Let’s make this snack to be enjoyed with a cold drink and a special video.  If we are no longer surrounded by family on holidays it can be hard so we need a little extra attention those days.  So finish up your chores, fix a snack and curl up with a good movie.  Maybe even invite a friend over that is also in need of extra attention today.  Then you both benefit.

Source: franksredhot.com via Kit on Pinterest