Today’s Quote:  In a gentle way, you can shake the world.  – Mohandas Gandhi

Today’s Focus:  Kitchen Counters.  Today it is time to clean our kitchen counters.  Remove anything not related to your daily routine and wipe your counters down.  I love those pictures of kitchens that show lots of appliances,  flowers and fruit bowls on display but my tiny kitchen works better with clear counters.  I found it much more peaceful to have room to prep and serve food than the beautiful still pictures.

In honor of the Kentucky Derby though I think I will put a single rose on the kitchen table to grace my dinner.  And ladies go buy your own flowers.  Don’t wait on the guys to add beauty and grace to your life.  Guys if you have a lady friend bring/send her a rose today just because or if you are solo add something to your table that you like and no we are not talking about your laptop or smart phone.

KTime:  This afternoon let us enjoy a proper mint julep