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Today’s Quote:  Change your opinions, keep to your principals:  change your leaves, keep intact your roots. – Victor Hugo

Today’s Home Focus: Living Room Pick Up.  Let’s recover the living room from the weekend’s fun.  I know I can get going and having fun and just drop my dance class tote bag and pick up the camera and out the door again.  So let’s spend a few minutes putting away any stray shoes, stuff from the weekend, the mail and any dirty dishes that are hanging around.  Then we can fix ourselves a delicious meal, curl up with a book, a video or a craft project this evening.  I love having a stash of books to read, videos to watch and craft materials at hand.  But I find it hard to settle down and enjoy if my nest is cluttered.

KTime:  I am thinking that some ribs and potato salad sound good for tonight.  I find that ribs and potato salad also makes a mouthwatering lunch the next day.  If you really end up with a lot of food take a plate to a neighbor.  Just might be the best meal they will have had all week.


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