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Today’s Quote:  Diligence is the mother of good luck.

Today’s Focus:  Deep clean the kitchen.  Today take one spot in the kitchen (no not the whole thing) just one cabinet, or one drawer or one small appliance that needs some extra attention and work on it today.  Think how nice it will be when your silverware drawer is crumb free or you can find the tape in the junk drawer.  Maybe it is your plastic storage spot that needs to be organized.  Just pick one spot and take care of it.  The hard part about housekeeping isn’t the starting – it is the stopping.  We are never really done so all we can do is say today I am working on this and that is good enough.  Tomorrow we will focus on something else and this done consistently will bring you a clean well lighted place to bless yourself with.

KTime:  Today I am feeling in the need of some comfort food.  So how about this nice meatloaf?