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Today’s Quote:  From caring comes courage – Lao Tzu

Today’s Home Focus:  Clear Entryway and Empty Trash from car.  Is the entrance you use everyday to walk into your home free from clutter?  Does it smell good?  Does it make you glad to be there?  Take a few minutes to create a welcome home just for you.  What do you want when you come in the door?  If you like cooking smells then use your crock pot so supper is waiting for you.  If you like something to drink while  you read your mail is it all ready chilling in the fridge or is the teakettle waiting for you?  The welcome home is especially important if you come in to an empty place.  If you enjoy music or having the tv on can you find your remote quickly and easily?  Imagine coming home after a hard work day, having a favorite beverage ready in minutes, supper waiting on you, and your remotes ready for your entertainment.  That is truly a welcome home even if you are living solo.

We spend a great deal of time in our cars.  Is yours free of clutter, is there enough gas in it for tomorrow?  Part of our welcome home ritual starts when we get in our cars on the way home from work.  A car that is full of food wrappers, mail, and odd stuff does not pamper us.  For today it is enough just to get the items out of the car that do not belong.  Then pick a nice weather day and go wash and vacuum it.  If you use public transportation do you have your passes and is your take along bag clean and ready?  A good book can be a pleasant way to change from work mode to home mode but only if you can find it.  If you use an ereader is it charged?

KTime:  A nice roasted chicken sounds good tonight with a baked potato.  This version calls for oven roasting but I have had good results using a crock pot as well.  If you like a crispy skin then remove the chicken from the crock pot and put under a broiler for about 5 minutes.

Source: foodnetwork.com via Beth on Pinterest


and then I will settle down with a pot of tea and my knitting.

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