Today’s Quote:  To live happily is an inward power of the soul. – Marcus Aurelius

Today’s Home Focus:  Bathrooms/Laundry  Time to do another round of laundry.  Do you have laundry machines in your house?  Then count yourself wealthy today.  Gather up a load and get it washed, dried and put away.  If you have to go to an outside facility to do your laundry then bring along a book or your knitting or if you are feeling sociable bring a scrabble board.  I have recently gone from a house with laundry equipment to starting over and I am back at the laundry mat.  I found a clean pleasant one with owners that I like.  I have found that the laundry time can be used to enjoy reading a good book or make a new friend.

KTime:  I am going to get this meal started and add some fresh fruit for dinner tonight.


and then I will settle down with a pot of tea and my knitting.

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