Today’s Quote:  The time is always right to do what is right – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today’s Home Focus:  Time to take care of your car or other transportation needs.  For those with cars it is time to get the week’s accumulation of stuff out of them, fill them up, and if you are feeling really adventurous wash them or take them to a car wash.  Having enough gas in the car to get to deal with most emergencies is a relief.  If you had to get to your child’s school in a hurry could you or would you have to stop for gas first?  And being all dressed up and then discovering that you need gas puts a damper on the event.

KTime:  I am thinking of something chocolate today.  Must be all the Easter candy I am seeing in the stores. So let us make some Kahlua brownies

and then I will settle down with a pot of sweet dreams tea and my knitting.

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