Today’s Quote:  It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death

Today’s Home Focus:  Living Room / Home Office  Today let us make our living room welcoming for family and friends.  No matter how grand or how small our corner of the world is we all would like to have our space be welcoming to those that come to see us.  Even if our space is just a sofa in an area that we have declared to be the living room we can make sure it is clean and has fluffy pillows and maybe a throw for snuggling.  If someone comes to see you and all you have to offer is a place to sit, an ear to listen with and something to drink that is enough.  For our home office time do you know where your bills are?  If they come in the mailbox do you have a special place to put them or are they scattered all over?  If your bills come in electronically do you have an email folder for them?

KTime:  I am thinking of something simple for supper tonight.  How about crock pot macaroni and cheese?

and then I will settle down with a southern style pitcher of sweet tea and my knitting.

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