Today’s Quote:  Hope is a powerful thing. It gives way to a new beginning, a tomorrow, another chance, a do over. Hope can chase away the darkest of days, despair and evil. Hope will illuminate a path that had previously seemed impossible to pass.

Today’s Home Focus:  Bedroom / Sleeping area  Go make up your bed with fresh sheets and lay out a comfy thing to sleep in.  Nothing itchy or scratchy tonight.  Think soft and cool and cuddly.  When the day is over you put on your comfy and get into a bed with a sigh and thanks for what went right today.  You get bonus points if you have something pretty to look at when you go to sleep and first thing when you wake up.

KTime:  I have a child’s birthday party to attend tonight so I am fixing the Garlic Lime Chicken from the Busy Mom Package with a side of rice since there will be a lot of sweets later.

and then I will settle down with a pot of Lady Gray and my knitting.

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