Today’s Quote:  You know you can do it. – Woman’s World

Today’s Home Focus:  Bathrooms and Laundry

Today it is time to scrub the bathroom and make it sparkle and to do some laundry.  Keeping your bathroom clean and organized makes getting out the door quicker and less stressful.  It isn’t a good start to the day to leave late because you can’t find your lipstick.  Doing laundry mid week means less to do on the weekend.  Who wants to have to stay home on the weekend so they can do laundry?  So gather up a load and your Ktime craft.

KTime:  There was a big storm near us yesterday.  All of my family is safe and sound but today seems to call for an extra dose of calm so I am going to put this in my crock pot and add a salad.  Imagine coming home with good smells coming from the kitchen.

and then I will settle down with a pot of Lady Gray and my knitting.

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