Today’s Quote:  What will you do today that will make you proud in a year?

Today’s Home Focus:  Entryways.  Do you have a front entryway or do you step directly into a main living area?   What your eyes first see and the comfort and convenience of your first minutes at home after being gone are important.  Is there a place to put your purse and your mail?  Do you tidy that spot up every day?  I love a table where I can put my purse and mail when I come in but it can become a sore spot very quickly if the mail isn’t dealt with on a daily basis.  If you come straight into a main living area like most apartments can you easily step into your place without falling over yesterday’s shoes and packages?  Spend a few minutes clearing up this area.  Put down a new spring time door mat, find a home for your purse so it is always in the same place and make it part of your daily routine to put your magazines in your reading spot, your bills in a pretty basket and throw the junk mail away.

KTime:  Today I am feeling inspired to spend some time in the kitchen making a Shrimp Avocado Salad,1843,145181-229202,00.html

and then I will settle down with some lemonade and my knitting.

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