Today’s Quote:  Determination is more powerful than doubt.  – Woman’s World

Today’s Housekeeping Focus:  Living Room and Home Office.  Is your living room a welcoming place for family and friends.  Can you open the door to a friend and they have a place to sit and a place for a teacup?  If  your living room is looking more like a dumping ground than a place to socialize then let’s go pick up and put away.  Then do a quick dusting and shining of reflective surfaces.  and do a quick once over of the the floor, then add some fresh flowers or something pretty you already have to your coffee table and there!  A place to watch a movie, or chat with someone special or even just a pretty spot for your KTime.

KTime:   Spend some time enjoying all that a new spring represents.  Let go of last winter’s troubles and rejoice in new beginnings.  If you have a roof over your head, food on the table and your family is safe then all is well and that is enough.  Those things alone make us wealthy beyond measure.   It is this constant need for more that needs to be released.  It is okay not to go on vacation, to not have a smartphone, and to drive an old car.  I will sit with busy hands so my mind can wonder and enjoy a bite of something sweet and a cup of herb tea tonight.

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