Today’s Quote:  Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.  – George S. Patton

Today’s Housekeeping Focus:  The area where you come into your home.  Even if you use the backdoor this is an important transition from the outside world to your place in the world.  It should be an attractive place and not piled high as a dumping ground.  Do you find you walk in and just dump what is in your hands and leave the pile?  This wears on you and does not provide a sense of peace and welcome when you walk in the door at the end of your daily adventures.  It should be a welcoming place with as pleasant view as possible and good smells.

Today’s KTime:  Let us spend a few minutes outside.  If you have a yard go and enjoy.  This is not the time to worry about the yard work.  This is the time to enjoy nature’s gifts.  If you don’t have a yard then find a park or enjoy a meal outside on a patio.  So join me today outside for cup of tea and some time with our knitting, or a good book.  Take time to take care of you so you can then help take care of others that depend on you.

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