Today’s Focus is on your bedroom.  Do you need to change the sheets?  Is there a pile of clothes waiting to be dealt with?  Do you know what color the carpet is?

Let’s get in there and spend some time making our bedrooms an end of the day haven.  A place for us to put our tired and stressed bodies at the end of the day.  Your bed should be comfortable and pretty.  If half of the bed is occupied by a laptop and papers then just for tonight try reading a book before you turn out the light instead of staying up too late working or chatting away.  Oh – you don’t have a bedside light?  On of my favorite things is a touch lamp.  It is easy to turn on or off when I am more asleep than awake.  So let’s make up a fresh bed and lay out our comfy sleeping clothes.  So our bedroom will be waiting for us after our KTime.

I am thinking that for tonight’s KTime I will enjoy a green tea and maybe a cupcake.

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