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Today’s quote:  Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness. – James Thurber

Fear and anger are relatives.  So forgive the hurts and move on.  Even if you are currently at the bottom of the ladder (again) at least in this country there is a ladder.  So let us pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, light a candle for ourselves and one more for someone who has hurt us and get on with today.

Today’s KTime focus is on bathrooms and laundry rooms.  Is your bathroom a welcoming place ready to pamper your tired body or is a comment about how your week is going?  Let’s get in there and shine it up so it is ready with a clean fluffy towel, a bit of your favorite soap and most of all 30 minutes to enjoy a nice soak.

Is your laundry room a tower of clothes in various stages from dirty to clean but not put away?  That is no way to treat what you present yourself to world in.  Now clean out your lint traps, wash off the tops of the appliances and move a load on along.  If you go to a laundrymat pick one that is clean and bright – not just the one closest to you.  Do you have a spor ecial coin purse to put your quarters in?  Dumping a roll of quarters in your handbag does nothing for either the handbag or you.

So now that we have clean clothes and a clean bathroom let us go and have a leisurely soak, put on soft fresh clothes and have our KTime.  Something good from the kitchen and something to knit.

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