Happy first day of Spring!

I was traveling this past weekend so I am working on laundry today.  I prefer to do a load a day and stay current but between a roommate who starts a load and then wonders off to do something else and my trip I got behind.  It won’t take too long and I will be all caught up again.  And note to self the laundry isn’t done until it is put away.

It is also time to deep clean the kitchen.  So let’s make sure we have dishes done, our counters cleared, the trash out and then pick one area for some extra love today.  Do your floors need a good cleaning, how is your fridge and pantry looking?  Do you know what you have?  Do you have something pretty to put on your table?  It helps to keep the table from the mail landing spot.  Since today is the first official day of spring here and we had a bad storm come through last night I am thinking some flowers would be just the thing.