1.  A clean well lighted place of my own.

2.  Lots of fresh flowers around me

3.  A television and service of my choosing

4.  A good radio

5.  Host small dinner parties

6.  Own a Judith Liber purse

7.  Visit New York City during the Christmas/New Years season

8.  Learn to make lace

9.  Go on a cruise

10.  Learn to ballroom dance

11.  Own a luxury vehicle

12.  To have paid employment that I enjoy doing

13.  To have a top notch computer system

14.  To have a well equipped kitchen

15.  To have good friends

16.  To have long term care covered

17.  To volunteer with youth groups

18.  To spend the night at Waldorf Astoria

19.  To write books

20.  To continue my wonderful relationship with my son and watch his journey through life