Today’s 12 in 12 focus was on extra kitchen time.  It seems to have required an extra boost today.  It always amazes me how fast we seem to make dirty dishes.  That whole 3 meals a day thing generates a lot of dishes.

I had to be downtown today.  Lots of rain and street flooding.  But off I went in my good clothes.  I made it there and back again and was so glad to see my comfy clothes waiting for me.  Do you change into comfy clothes when you get home?  I do but I make sure I am presentable enough to make a quick store run.

Did you listen to the State of the Union address?  Do you think his ideas have a chance or will congress just block everything again?

And for one special person who asks me for it I have a hand knit variegated blue scarf to give away.  Leave a comment on this blog to be entered.