Today’s 12 in 12 was my bedroom.  I am in the beginning stages of converting the playroom to a guest bedroom.  I am enjoying the decide what I want process.  I am thinking of a summer afternoon impression.  Blues and whites and florals.  I am thinking white lace curtains, white accent rugs, white bedding, blue pillows and floral pictures.

Son has been practicing his kitchen skills.  I have enjoyed not having to deal with supper.  I use to have to budget my energy levels so I could do supper and clean up.  Now if I am wiped out by 6:00 pm it is okay.  As my Mom says by the time they are fit to live with they are living with someone else.

I got some more knitting done today.  I am not a fast knitter but that is okay.

Give your peeps some extra love today.