Short Romance 07.31.16


Delia was looking at vacation destinations.  She knew she wasn’t going anywhere fancy this year.  Her husband was very careful with money and didn’t believe in spending it on unnecessary items.  Making Delia happy didn’t seem to register as a good use of money.   Oh they were comfortable and had money set aside.  But a girl could dream so she was looking at the pictures of cruise ships and fancy resorts.  There were even some local high end style resorts that held appeal.  It would be nice to leave the cares of home care behind and sit by a pool with a good book and a cool drink.  The idea of someone else doing the cooking and cleaning while she rested was by far her favorite fantasy.  She wondered how many other’s women dreamed of a week that was truly work free.  Not just away from the office but no laundry or cooking or dishes.  And someone who asked what she needed and pampered her.   Sometimes she wondered if a different man in her life would do those things but it seemed that in all of her friend’s marriages there was still a lot of work and not much pampering.  Oh sometimes one of the husbands would make the romantic gesture but day in and day out it was Delia and her friends that kept the home fires burning.  So Delia dreamed of beaches and fancy drinks and meals that other folks planned, shopped, cooked and cleaned up after.

The kitchen timer dinged bringing Delia back to the reality of baking 2 dozen cupcakes for a potluck at work.  At least her co-workers always seemed pleased with her cooking when she brought in homemade items.  She was pulling the last dozen out of the oven and was just thinking about her frosting plans when the doorbell rang.  Probably another Amazon delivery of a camping toy that her husband had ordered but she decided to go check it out.  To her surprise it was flower delivery for her!  A big bouquet of daisies! She had carried daises on her wedding day.  Roses were out of their modest wedding budget.  The card attached said to pack a bag and be at the airport at 4:00 sharp.  Delia gasped and called her friend Pat to finish up the cupcakes and deliver them tomorrow.  

Delia had no idea what was up or how long she needed to pack for.  So she guessed that 4 days would cover almost anything and put items in her suitcase quickly and just made it to the airport at 4:00 pm.  There was her husband with another bunch of daisies and a smiling attendant who whisked away her bags, showed her to a luxurious first class seat and said she would be back after take-off to get them refreshments.  Her husband leaned over and said after 25 years it was high time they took that trip she had always wanted.  7 nights in Barbados!  And somehow Delia didn’t think that not having any more than 4 days of clothes with her was going to be a problem.



Short Romance 7.17


It was a warm spring Sunday night and Liz could feel a Monday morning dread descending.  She worked in sales support for a European company.  She loved her job and was good at it but she knew the upcoming week would be a hard one.  Two people in her department were on vacation and a Vice President was coming in from overseas.  She brushed her brown long hair until it gleamed and climbed into bed.  She set her alarm early so she would have extra time to look her best tomorrow.  She smiled to herself when she thought of the new blue suit she had picked up at the mall yesterday.

The morning was even more hectic that Liz thought it would be.  There was going to be a new product launched in 30 days and Liz had to make sure the distributors would have samples shipped to them in time for the new roll out.  Liz was finalizing the shipping schedule and was rushing to the copier so she could share the plan with her team.

She was proofreading as she walked and ran smack into a handsome man that she had not seen before.     Her papers flew everywhere and the guy said, “Hello, I’m Mike.  This is my first day here.”  Liz blushed and held out her hand.  “Hello, I’m Liz and I don’t always run into people.”  Mike helped her pick up her papers and waited until Liz had finished making her copies.

Liz headed out for her lunch of salad and tea and thought about Mike.  She was glad she was wearing her new outfit and hoped he didn’t think she was total klutz.  He had an amazing dimple  She review her meeting notes for the new product rollout and prepared a few talking points for her metting with the Vice President.

Liz got in her car and it refused to start.  She started to tear up.  Not today!  She opened her hood and jiggled a few wires.  Nothing.  She leaned over to see if anything was obviously wrong and promptly got a stain on her new suit.  Oh just what she needed.  Way to impress people.

Mike pulls up beside her and asks if he can help.  Liz replied “Could you give me a lift back to the office?”  “I’ll call AAA and have them tow my car.”  Mike replied “I’ll be happy to give you a ride.”

When the afternoon meeting started the new Vice President was introuduced and who should it be but Mike.  Liz was mortified.  She must look like a complete fool.  But when the meeting got to the new rollout Liz was able to suggest a shipping schedule that would have the new product to the distributors without paying overnight freight charges by working from the ones farthest away to the ones closest.

After the meeting Mike asks Liz to stay a minute.  He smiled and said “I’m going to be in the United States for the next few years.  Do you think we could discuss this rollout over dinner Friday night?”



KTime 06/17/15



Today’s Focus:

Clean all door knobs, phones, entertainment equipment (remote controls), switch plates, banisters and other things that are repeatedly touched.

To cook:

Let’s fix something simple and nourishing tonight.  Shrimp sauteed with garlic and butter served over rice.  Add some fresh fruit.


We are half way through the week.  Let’s us take a deep breath and pause.  For our pamper time today how about making a weekend plan with friends?  Movies or brunch or a trip to the craft store and a stop for coffee and talk?

KTime 6/16/15

You can never be overdressed or over educated.

Today’s focus:  Deep clean bathrooms (clean inside drawers, inside of trash cans, tops of mirrors, tile, mop)  It is hard to get all dressed up when you have to fight your drawer to find a hair brush and lipstick.

Let’s make these Super simple cheese muffins for dinner tonight:

2 cups self raising flour
2 cups shredded cheese
2 cups milk

Mix together, put into muffin tins, bake at 350 for about 15 mins (until nice and golden).

Add a big bowl of favorite soup and dinner is done.

KTime:  Put on some calming music and do a few gentle stretches.  Pay special attention to the neck and shoulder area.  It where I frequently tighten up during the work day.

KTime 6/15/2015



One kind word can change someone’s entire day.

Today’s Focus is a quick pick up of the living room and the kitchen.  Just pick up the visual clutter and put things away.  A few minutes of tidying up and the whole area will feel better.

For supper tonight let’s make Farmer’s Market Chicken.

KTime Are you toes needing a little tender loving care?  Let’s plan on a foot soak and fresh polish.  A bright red perhaps?

KTime 6/14/15

Today is bedroom day.  So let us spend some time making this room a restful retreat. Are your linens fresh?  Is the bed made?  Are your clothes put away?  And toss or give away 2 items that no longer bring you joy.

For supper tonight I am thinking of a salad.  Refreshing and cool.

And for KTime tonight I have a baby blanket on the needles for a co-worker.  A favorite book I am reading again.  And a bath and early bed sound like the perfect way to wrap up this weekend.

KTime 01/22/14


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Comfort Food:

It would be wonderful to put this in the freezer this week.  Be prepared for bad weather or sick days.  There is something very comforting in having a stocked pantry and freezer.

Comfort Time:  Today is Wednesday and that is my day to pamper the body.  Extra attention to hands and feet.  Make sure I get my body lotion on.  Maybe play with a new makeup look or a new hairstyle.  I like doing it midweek as a pick me up.  And then if I go out on Friday night I am looking good!  I also spent extra time in the kitchen today.  Wiped down the toaster oven.  Put a new tablecloth out and polished the table.  We spend a lot of time at the kitchen table.  It should be a comforting place to gather around.

Comfort Quote:  Busyness robs us of the gift right in front of us.  – Jeff Coins.

KTime 1/21/14



KTime Quote:  There is no wealth but life. – John Ruskin

KTime Comfort:  Today is Tuesday so it is car care day.  It is cold here today so no car wash.  I did put gas in and made sure that there were no extraneous objects floating around in it.  Also to be done today besides the daily dozen to make home comfortable is clean toilets, checking the toilet paper supply, dusting dresser tops and vacuuming the bedroom floor.  Now if you can’t find the dresser tops or the floor you are in the right place.  Find 7 items and put them where they need to go and consider it done.  Just stop adding to the mess and soon it will be gone.  So put your stuff away at the end of the day.  It will start to make tomorrow more comfortable.  And a grilled ham and cheese sandwich sounded good today.

KTime 01/20/2014


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KTime Quote:  The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. – Ralph Nader

KTime Comfort:  Today is Monday and a holiday for a lot of folks.  My Monday comfort habit includes a trip to the library.  Nothing like a weekly trip to encourage me to read.  I have 3 books in the works right now.  So today I will visit the library and spend some quiet time with a good book.  Do you like to read?  Or paint?  Or sew?  Whatever is your quiet time passion make sure you spend some time each week on it.  Especially for those of us for whom quiet and or alone time is a precious thing.  If you spend most of your time solo then what activity will get you out and about?  A book club? A cooking class?  An exercise class?  Then take the time to purse whatever will help keep you in balance and won’t break the bank.

If you are luck enough to be off work today here is a wonderful brunch idea.  Or heck in my house I can eat breakfast anytime!